Election Night Reporting

Election Night Reporting

Chaves Consulting and our business partner Arikkan are excited to offer a solution for Election Night Reporting.


Election Night Reporting (ENR) is a solution that delivers real-time election results to the citizens through cutting edge graphics and easy to read statistical data. Interactive graphical presentation is rendered through maps and charts. This solution presented through the web for both browser and mobile clients. ENR’s data interface provides real-time election night results through secure interface to Associated Press (AP) and other media and political organizations.

ENR solution is a multi-tier architecture and performance is carefully measured and optimized at all layers to guarantee best user experience at high load. Latest technologies have been utilized to enable the application to load balance within one or many web farms physically collocated or separated. State of Missouri's ENR web application is powered by Arikkan's ENR solution:

Interactive Graphical Data


Statewide Election Results summary for various races at County or district level is presented through maps

Regions (County/District) colored with the winning candidate color

Custom color can be assigned for each candidate, political party, and measure per election

County-level and Statewide candidate results are shown in pie charts

Pie charts utilize an individual candidate's assigned color

Provides custom views of the result

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