Product Development

Chaves Consulting works closely with Arikkan, Inc. to offer and support software application development that focuses on adding value through developing innovative software products and solutions that integrate various technologies to provide exceptional business solutions. Our team’s product development is based on the following core values:

Product Features

  • Understand business requirements and design innovative solutions that meet or exceed the project scope

  • Remain on or under budget for all solutions

  • Delight users by providing a positive user experience

  • Provide customized development and service plans that fit each client's unique needs

Great products and valued customers merit great support. Chaves Consulting offers excellence in customer care that goes Beyond the Call®! Crisp, fast responses, accurate information, proven processing capabilities, excellent communication systems and caring, knowledgeable people are all a part of our commitment to total customer satisfaction.

Product Development Analysis & Design

Based on years of Software Development experience, we and our technology partner, Arikkan, understand the constantly evolving nature of technology. The Arikkan team has fine-tuned a unique development methodology that delivers the highest quality products and services while remaining nimble to precisely meet time and budget constraints in the changing technology environment.

Together, Chaves Consulting and Arikkan, seek first to understand each client, their business, and any constraints or limitations. Then our team evaluates the requirements and proposes innovative solutions that precisely meet their needs from Analysis and Design through consistent ongoing Customer Support.