MAJIC for Oregon Courts

MAJIC for Oregon Courts

Municipal and Justice Courts

Information Computing

In the 1980s, CCI partnered with a group of Eastern Oregon Justice Courts to design a Municipal/Justice Courts Software Application. Since then, CCI meets with the CCI Courts User Group to identify and prioritize upgrades on an annual basis, based on legislative mandates and budget constraints. Today’s cost-effective MAJIC Software is hosted in CCI’s Synergy Data Center, runs on multiple platforms and serves 90% of Oregon Justice, and several Oregon Municipal courts.


Software Highlights

Complete audit trail from receipt to turnover including audit log

E-Ticket Software Interface and Processing

Payment Plan processing

Small claims processing

User assisted entry / edit:

Citations entered in less than one minute

No duplicate entry of data necessary

Detailed user manual written from your perspective

Multiple search facilities: search active only or all cases

Community Service module

Wide range of reports available on demand

User defined tables control automated payment distribution

Web-based Defendant Inquiry and Visa Processing

Electronic interfaces with:

Your collection agency

ODOT / DMV (Oregon Department of Transportation)

Oregon Department of Revenue

Local law enforcement agencies

Letter Merge: interfaces with your word processing software

On screen view of:On screen view of:

Previous years' citation history

Docket Book and detail case history

Detail payment history

Judge's calendar

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