Core Operating Principals

Core Operating Principals


CCI’s family-friendly culture and opportunities for professional development attract skilled, loyal, long-term customer-centered employees.

CCI maintains its commitment to creating jobs with benefits in our rural community. Full-time employment includes: health insurance and a flexible benefits program, retirement savings plan, company-paid vacation and sick leave, wellness program and life insurance benefits.

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Colleagues: CCI employees are rewarded for their positive, “Beyond the Call®” behaviors and teamwork.

New employees participate in a “peer circle,” in which all employees and managers on their team sit in a circle. One by one, they share their perspectives regarding what works, what doesn’t, and how to be successful as a member of their team and in Chaves Consulting.

“No Blame/No Drama Zone”: Mistakes happen, particularly in dynamic, creative environments like CCI. If something goes wrong, the first question asked is, “What do we do to improve this process, so we don’t repeat the error?” CCI teams are taught to: discuss what wasn’t effective, brainstorm potential improvement solutions, discuss the advantages and disadvantages and choose the best one for now. After the solution has been chosen, it is documented and implemented.

Creative, caring and fun environment: Team members enjoy breaks in CCI’s on-site fitness center and game rooms. Monthly M.O.V.E. (Motivate Our Valued Employees) meetings celebrate “Beyond the Call” behaviors.

Working on Wellness (WoW): Company employees established and continue to lead a Wellness Committee. WoW shares quarterly newsletters, with on-going involvement by and investments from CCI leaders. Employee-led WoW offers a robust menu of activities, prevention programs and wellness support.




We consider our clients to be our business partners. We constantly strive to provide solutions and services that ensure our clients' success, provide the highest quality ‘white-glove’ service from the client’s perspective, and consistently maintain our client’s satisfaction as our highest priority.


In order to deliver the best customer service possible, CCI starts by demonstrating respect for our employees and the community in which they live.


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