ELECTUS in the Cloud

Electus in the Cloud is an Enterprise Class Private Cloud architecture that hosts participating U.S. States’ Electus-based statewide voter registration systems.

Electus in the Cloud was designed by Chaves’ business partner Arikkan’s principal engineers and architects. The Arikkan team designed, built, implemented and supported Electus in eight U.S. states.


Hosted at two geographically separate state-of-the-art facilities for maximum redundancy,

Supports participating U.S. States’ existing data interfaces with Federal and state agencies through SFTP or Web Service,

Retains states’ data in an independent logical database instance and is backed-up separately,

Designed with absolute data protection and security,

Contains highly resilient and elastic architecture that provides maximum availability, scalability and redundancy,

Is an innovative, custom, cost effective solution that would save participating agencies millions of dollars over five years compared to cost of ownership,

Built integrating cutting edge technologies including virtualization, presentation, global and local traffic management appliances, enterprise class storage, configuration management,

Uses industry highest quality intrusion prevention, detection and security appliances.

Cloud Services and Benefits

Utilization of Cloud platform at no upfront cost

Hosting of servers and storage

Hardware and software annual support and license renewals

Highly skilled Architecture Design and Support Team

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