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Synergy Data Center is a state-of-the-art TIER 2+ data center in a discreet Eastern Oregon location providing the highest level of safety, security, and reliability. Cost-effective options provide peace of mind for your mission critical applications.

We continuously innovate to ensure the most sophisticated infrastructure is available to serve our clients. We are a wholly owned operation with engineers on-site and globally.

Data Center design is based on industry best practices to meet all standards to qualify for a TIER 2+ data center.

Redundancy at all layers

  • Every component of the data center has been designed and built with focus on redundancy and with a philosophy of ´No Single Point of Failure´.

Fully secure network and resilient connections powered by

  • Robust CISCO routers
  • Protected by CISCO firewalls
  • TopLayer Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Fully Secure Rack Spaces

  • Client-owned or leased, racks are closed and secured with an independent lock
  • No open racks

Floor Design

  • 18” raised floors with all cables running underneath
  • Optimized for better cooling by identifying hot spots


  • Network and Security appliances are highly scalable to meet specific client needs and future growth
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  • Unlimited IP addresses
  • Ample room for growth