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Colocating servers in rack(s) means you as our client choose from a menu of hardware and software options.

We listen to understand your business goals, configure the environment to meet your needs, and rack servers in standard 42U rack(s). Your rack(s) then can be moved in to the state-of-the art Synergy DCS floor space for hosting. As part of our hosting services Synergy DCS will maintain your servers in optimal ambient conditions, provide an uninterruptible power supply and bandwidth that suits your need.


Flexibility and Scalability:

  • Your own hardware and software configured to best meet your needs
  • Increase your IT capacity leveraging our existing IT assets
  • Expand as your business grows

Cost-effective access to IT expertise as needed

  • Expert solution design, installation, maintenance, security and reliability
  • Shared costs for state-of-the-art data center architecture and management
  • Guaranteed up-time with shared costs for backups and redundancy

Typical cost points for collocating

  • Physical space occupied (Number of 42U Racks)
  • Amount of power consumed
  • Amount of bandwidth, and
  • Initial set up cost to prepare the floor space and provide power and bandwidth drops

We also host tower servers and partial 42U racks (1/2 rack or 1/4 rack) in which clients can use Synergy DCS-owned, fully secured racks to mount their servers.

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Please contact us for a personalized hosting solution with options that best fits your business.